30 Inch Under Cabinet LED RGB/CCT Light Bar

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The 5 in 1 LED Chip Has Changed the Game!   understand the extreme ease of Ampere lighting.  Once you experience simply speaking to your lights and they do exactly as you command, it is hard to return to Apps and Remotes.  The problem for consumers who have experienced them is very few companies in the U.S. know how to use them correctly.

Adding more apps and remotes for lighting on top of all of the other apps and remotes you have already is typically not how people want to use the limited "screen" real-estate of their devices.  No machines can solder these connections.  So they must all be tediously done by hand, by someone skilled in soldering very small connections.  Every single light bar we make, is made by hand in Denver, CO  U.S.A. 


Lighting strips for installation under upper cabinets to provide direct task lighting for any environment. Can be used in combinations of Red, Green and Blue to create custom colors of any brightness. Can also be used in combinations of different color temperatures from Warm White (2700k) to Cool White (6500k) at any brightness. Comes with  36-inch (91.44cm) leads.

  • Five Color LED strips: Red, Green, Blue as well as Warm and Cool White
  • Light Source: High Quality 5050 SMD
  • Color Source: RGBCCT 5-in-1 chip with Common Anode
  • Input Voltage: 24 Volts DC
  • Power: 20 watts (all RGB, and both CCT at full brightness)
  • Overall length of light: 30 inches (76.20 cm)
  • Equipped with 36 inch (91.44cm) leads

Controller recommended!