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LED Strips

LED Strip (also known as LED tape light or LED ribbon light) is perhaps the most versatile type of light available, allowing our clients to take their light wherever their imagination can take it. However, high quality LED strip is often very expensive and hard to find. At IES Distributors, we have spent years establishing relationships with manufacturers so that we can sell the best LED strip at a lower price than anywhere on the Internet. Our wide options of LED strip include CCT adjustable strips, RGB strips, waterproof LED strips, and standard, single-color LED strips. 

Another benefit to LED strip is its ease of installation and its safety. Unlike most lighting, which can run from 120 to 277 Volts, LED strip lights run at a very safe 12 or 24 Volts, making them safe for beginners to install with no risk of injury or fire should they make a mistake. When combined with Aluminum Profiles, these LED strips can be used to create under cabinet lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting, and mood lighting in no time.