Deep Cycle Battery

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This is a 12 volt, 200 amp hour, sealed lead acid, deep cycle battery.  Wait, everyone is using super awesome lithium ion batteries now!  Why would you get this "old" technology instead of the newest, high-tech batteries?  Remember, our company sells NoGrid DC power systems and because there is no inverter in NoGrid, there is also no reason to move to lithium ion batteries unless there is a need for a specific aspect they have in the system.  This is just some honesty about the practicality of NoGrid and in the event of natural disasters or other widespread power problems, sealed lead acid batteries are very common around the world so they are much easier to find and if there is no one available or close by your system, they are simple to hook up and maintain.  To also be clear and honest, there is no contest or debate over which battery is "better".  Lithium ion batteries are far "better" technology and if you like things to be pristinely calibrated and accurate, they would be what you want.

Rated Capacity 12V200AH Free Maintenance Deep Cycle

3 Year Warranty