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Horticulture (The Art of Grow)

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The term "Horticulturist" is often viewed as an extremist or "snooty" term, but we don't believe this.

Horticulture goes beyond the simple act of growing food or other organic products.  It explores the artistic depth that can be found in working with nature and life that is much different than our own, yet, still alive.  

Being a true Horticulturist can be learned, but there is typically an innate passion and care for the "process of the grow" from seed to flower, rather than just a bottom line figure of production.  Those capable of viewing the world through an ancient eye, unconcerned with time in the modern sense, will certainly see the difference in both quality and quantity using Artificial Sun L.E.D. grow lights.

The Artificial Sun Horticulture light coupled with the NoGrid DC power system has changed everything! 

For the first time in history, we can use technology to create a balance between humans and nature, while also effectively ending starvation on our planet.  We can provide not just the basic needs of survival alone but an abundance of food without harming our environment or requiring an endless amount of funds to feed the masses. 

The key is in working together for a common goal, based on facts and science, not on belief.  Not to form some sort of radical society or group that constantly must defend itself because it's messages are extreme.  Just all of us who are ready to move to the next phase of existence on this planet. Get Involved!

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