"NoGrid™ is the next leap in technology that will allow us to radically change the earth as fast as it needs to be done."

Below are only a few of the massive amount of benefits of adopting NoGrid™ world wide:

·  "We, the people" have the power.  Literally!  Millions upon millions of people using NoGrid will quickly change the world merely as a side-effect of free energy consumption.  

·  Absolutely no reliance upon utility companies or governments to transform our planet!

·  Immediately begin to eliminate millions of tons of fossil fuel gasses going into our atmosphere and help our planet heal as fast as possible.

·  Free, unlimited energy will allow us to build colossal machines we have only dreamed of.  

·  Millions of liters of water can be purified along the rivers of the world providing clean water for drinking and crops.

·  We can build affordable, coastal desalination plants that won’t need to consider the costs of energy consumption.

·  Instantly eliminate the worries of meeting the inevitable demand of future exponential population growth with a constantly failing, outdated, inefficient, unrepairable, electrical grid.