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The Renew Generator is designed to have mobility and save lives!  It is for the masses suffering (once again) from devastation on a scale that is hard for anyone to understand unless you get involved in the lives of the individuals that make up those masses.  I’ve helped before in Puerto Rico but didn’t have the capability to offer something on a mass scale.  This time is different.  Ampere has the means to begin deploying as many Renew Generators as we possibly can. 

We are taking the long-term goals of the company and valuing them higher than strictly monetary gain because that long-term goal is to give power and electricity to everyone, everywhere with no cost associated.  To show what this system is truly capable of, we put our other sales efforts a bit to the side, but not on hold. If that sounds ridiculous to you, it is only because you have not seen what NoGrid is capable of and there seems no better time than now to release the technology and watch how many lives are not only going to be changed but saved.  Having made those claims, here is what the Renew Generator will do:

In the wake of hurricane Dorian, the Renew Generator is the world’s first power generator that offers far more than any other portable power generation with zero harmful emissions. It does not require gasoline, oil, propane nor any other form of combustible products as fuel. It will provide enough light to light up a fairly large room or rooms with 5, 8watt, 800+ lumen, 24volt bulbs.

The Renew Generator is priced competitively to generators on the market that have far fewer capabilities. The system runs silently and has zero harmful emissions.


Included in System

  • 24VDC, 5 light string with included bulbs (8w/A19/E27) (3 strings of 5 lights from one of 15 lights) 
  • 1 modified cordless tool charger (brands offered: DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ryobi) 
  • Refurbished Solar Panel (wattage may vary)
  • 24V, 40Ah Battery Pack (sealed, lead-acid batteries)  
    • 6 Sealed Lead Acid, 12V, 10AH batteries (3 parallel sets of 2 in series for 24V, 30AH capacity) 


  • 2, 24V outputs for single-color dimmable light strings (OR other 24VDC LED products) with two wireless dimmers    
  • 2, outputs for modified cordless tool battery chargers (brands offered: DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ryobi)
  • 4, 5V USB fast-charging outputs. All 4 offer 2.1A output  
  • 1, 9V output (for products such as handheld transceivers)


  • 2, MC4 Connections for solar panel(s) (voltage may vary) and second source of renewable 
  • Battery Pack connection 

Additional Options 

  • Additional 24VDC, 5 light string with included bulbs (8w/A19/E27) (3 strings of 5 lights from one of 15 lights) 
  • Output extension cables with connections (5V, 12V, 24V) 


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